With over 70,000 fans on Facebook, The Lord Inquisitor is one of the most popular non-commercial film projects to date. Set in the dystopian universe of Warhammer 40,000, The Lord Inquisitor focuses on Marcus Allenbrisk – a young Inquisitor hunting demonic threats within the Imperium of Man and already aspiring to become the next fully-fledged Lord Inquisitor.


The project was started in 2010 by Erasmus Brosdau – a Senior 3D Artist and now Art Director at Crytek. Looking for a challenge to test his skills, experience, and creativity, he chose to create a short movie based on the Warhammer 40,000 property – a universe already famous for its dark gothic sci-fi themes and ambiance.

Without any concrete ideas, a blog was started, ideas were gathered, and 3D models were made. As the updates on the blog grew in number, so did the amount of project followers. Eventually, in late 2011, a trailer was released showcasing the current state of development. It quickly garnered over one million views on YouTube.


This trailer marked the true start of the actual project and helped cultivate a small, highly focused team. With the blessing of Games Workshop, The Lord Inquisitor is project for the fans, by fans, setting the grim-darkness of the forty-first millennium to film.




MARCUS ALLENBRISK                                                          Marcus is a young and promising Inquisitor currently bordering the edge of radicalism. After the death of his former master, he now serves the puritanical Lord Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz, a man he has always respected and admired.


THE ASSASSIN                                                                                            Not much is known about this mysterious assassin. Emotionless, she unrelentingly pursues her assigned objectives. She serves alongside Marcus as a silent killer – perhaps only for the thrill of the hunt.


CORVILLE                                                                                                         As a veteran of the Imperial Guard, Corville is highly trained in comabt tactics and battlefield survival. During Corville’s lengthy service under Allenbrisk, he has tried to mentor the young Inquisitor and lead him from his burgeoning radical beliefs.


TORQUEMADA COTEAZ                                                               The High Protector of Formosa, Lord Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz is Marcus’ immediate superio. A puritanical master of his trade, Coteaz has been closely following the development of the newly appointed Inquisitor Allenbrisk. Knowing that the methos of his acolyte are sometimes at odds with his own, Coteaz has refused to give up on his young apprentice.


GREY KNIGHTS                                                                                                  Although small in number, the Grey Knights are the strongest force in the Imperium of Man. This secretive, divine order serves the Inquisition to eradicate the demonic and protect the galaxy from warp incursions. Equipped with the greates arms available, there is little they cannot face.


ANCHORITE SYRAS                                                                                 A wealthy and vain member of the Terran gentry, Syras is known for his luxurious lifestyle and bewildering art collection. ALthough not currently under inquisitorial investigation, Syras has been involved in shady dealings with various unsavoury characters.

"There are amongst our Ordo who say that I seek advancement for my own purposes, and they are correct. My purpose is to destroy the daemonic and if I must rise to command an entire sector to do so, then so be it. I am a servant of the Emperor and only those who consort with Warp-spawn need fear my ambition."





We’re excited to say that The Lord Inquisitor is the first movie rendered entirely in real-time. While maintaining similar visual fidelity to traditional offline rendering, Crytek’s Cinebox has allowed for much greater developmental flexibility.

With this brand new technology, The Lord Inquisitor team is able to render the entire movie on a single workstation – or better yet on a single commercial-grade graphics card.

Title:            The Lord Inquisitor
Director:         Erasmus Brosdau
Duration:            approx. 20 min
Format:         UHD (3840×2160)
Release:                                 2017

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